Discounted Well Control OEM Elastomers

Up to 70% Discount on Aging OEM BOP Elastomers – Available Now

IRE is offering MAJOR discounts on our stock of aging OEM BOP elastomers. Stock is limited and first come, first served. Click to request the list of available products from our team.

These have been properly stored in a temperature controlled environment and are guaranteed for full integrity provided they are installed prior to the expiry date.

Discount structure

Our products are competitively priced and discounted based
on the expiry dates and last date of installation of the products.

Less than 6 Months expiry
= 70% off
Less than 18 Months expiry
= 40% off
Less than 12 Months expiry
= 50% off
Less than 24 Months expiry
= 30% off

Download the sales list

Fill in your details to get the full sales list of OEM BOP elastomers. If you have any questions or want to order a product please get in touch with our team.