Valves & Actuators

Valves & Actuators

We’ve partnered with leading brands Hi-Kalibre, Keystone and Mud King to bring you the best quality valves and actuators for drilling on the market.

With our product range, we guarantee a steady flow through your mud systems in high-pressure operations.

Full Opening Safety Valves

Our range of TIW valves prevent flow through the drill string in high-pressure operations.

Inside Blow-Out Preventers

Ensure a quality defence against inside blow-out hazards.

Drop-In Retrievable Check Valves

Control backflow through the drill pipe to maintain consistency during a kick.

Mud Savers and Actuators

Allow drilling fluid to flow smoothly through the valve.

Mud Gate Valves

Provide liquid isolation for high-pressure drilling mud systems.

Butterfly Valves

Isolate and regulate flow with lightweight designs.

Plug Valves

Control flow through the passages with robust, low torque valves.

Drill Pipe Float Valves

Non-return valves prevent unwanted flow up the drill string.

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