Pipe Handling Equipment

Pipe Handling Equipment

Our range of pipe handling equipment allows vertical and horizontal travels for all types of pipe to help improve personnel safety.


Our range of manual and hydraulic drill pipe elevators can handle and lift tubing of all sizes.


Guarantee a strong grip with our range of manual and air-operated slips.

Power Tongs

Our manual and hydraulic tongs can support in making up and breaking out drill pipes.

Iron Roughnecks

Connect and disconnect pipe efficiently with iron roughnecks and maintain with spares.

Safety Clamps

Protect against dropping by attaching to flush surface tubulars.

Stabbing Guides

Avoid hazards for personnel with heavy-duty stabbing guides.

Dies & Inserts

Maintain safety with high-quality dies and inserts for pipe handling equipment.

HT Style Tongs

Manual tongs

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