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Are you looking to enhance the sustainability of your operations?

IRE can identify the best equipment solutions for your business that will help you not only improve operational efficiencies, but simultaneously meet your sustainability targets cost effectively.

 Enhance operational efficiencies

Improve carbon footprint

Cost-effective solutions

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“We firmly believe sustainability can benefit your bottom line. We are curating a portfolio of products from across the globe that focus on operational efficiencies first and foremost, but have the added benefit of helping you become more carbon neutral.

“The innovative manufacturers we have partnered with offer simple, low-cost and quick fixes that can be easily integrated into your operations, and can have a high impact from both an efficiencies and sustainability perspective.”

Dan Asher, CEO at IRE Oil & Gas FZE

Take a look at our portfolio of sustainable products, guaranteed to enhance your operations…

Fuelre4m fuel additive

Fuelre4m is a 100% organic biofuel additive that’s proven to save you money on fuel by at least 10-15%, while reducing harmful emissions by up to 80%.

While saving costs and driving sustainability goals, the addition of Fuelre4m to your daily operations can enhance the efficiency of your engines, as the risk of failures and issues can be greatly reduced.

Crocodile Products bamboo mats

The original bamboo mat provider, Crocodile Products is an industry leader and the largest global bamboo mat manufacturer in the world.

Bamboo mats is a greener alternative to wooden mats due to the rapid renewability of bamboo and its ability to grow using around 30% less water. Bamboo is much lighter than hardwood, and can be harvested and grown back 10 times in the time it takes for hardwood trees to grow just once.

Crocodile’s suite of bamboo mats are incredibly durable and resilient to cracks and splits, meaning customers don’t need to replace these ground supports as often.

Crocodile’s range of sustainable bamboo mats have already been adopted by a range of operators in the oil and gas industry who have used the product to create temporary access roads for heavy machinery, to create stable work platforms, and more.

Scotgrip International plastic mats

Innovators behind a range of market-leading industrial anti-slip safety products, Scotgrip is the only plastic matting company that is carbon neutral certified.

Scotgrip completely revamped its production process and materials to allow it and its customers to become more sustainable.

While opting for these products can help customers reach sustainability goals, the quality and lightweight nature of the products make for seamless installations compared to conventional resin products – providing additional value to your operations.

Green Boom biodegradable spill kit

Green Boom is the innovator behind cost-effective, 100% biodegradable products that are revolutionising the way the Middle East tackles oil spill clean-ups.

Its innovative biodegradable spill kit is the first of its kind. Completely plastic-free, this unique product allows its customers to save money through the composting and recycling of oil waste as opposed to the conventional, expensive methods of hazardous disposal.


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