Valves & Actuators

Valves & Actuators

We’ve partnered with leading brands Hi-Kalibre, Keystone and Mud King to bring you the best quality valves and actuators for drilling on the market.

With our manufacturing partners, we guarantee innovative solutions and top quality performance across mud systems, top drive, and downhole applications.

Full Opening Safety Valves

Our range of TIW valves prevent flow through the drill string in high-pressure operations.

Inside Blow-Out Preventers

Ensure a quality defence against inside blow-out hazards.

Drop-In Retrievable Check Valves

Control backflow through the drill pipe to maintain consistency during a kick.

Mud Savers and Actuators

Allow drilling fluid to flow smoothly through the valve.

Mud Gate Valves

Provide liquid isolation for high-pressure drilling mud systems.

Butterfly Valves

Isolate and regulate flow with lightweight designs.

Plug Valves

Control flow through the passages with robust, low torque valves.

Drill Pipe Float Valves

Non-return valves prevent unwanted flow up the drill string.

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