Turn scrap into stock with ST80 jaws exchange program

Don’t let broken jaws eat into your budget

Delivered in partnership with Ranger Oilfield Products, the ST80 jaws exchange program is a sustainable initiative that promises to save operators time and money.

The program encourages the reuse and refurbishment of jaw assemblies from iron roughnecks, enabling customers to trade in used or damaged jaws for refurbished, upgraded versions at a fraction of the cost of new parts.

Reduce costs

Swapping used jaws will prove to be cheaper than buying new.

Boost sustainability

Minimise waste by allowing us to reuse your old equipment.

Time saving

Buying brand new jaws will result in significant delivery time from OEMs.

A no-brainer for oil and gas operators

The program, also referred to as “Save Our Jaws”, aims to reduce environmental impact by minimising waste, but also means that businesses can benefit from the latest advancements in jaw assembly technology at a reduced price than if they were to buy the products new.

Trade-in program

Send us your broken jaws, and we will return a high-grade, refurbished replacement.

Purchase option

Not looking for a replacement? We will purchase your used or broken jaws, providing you with an immediate return.

Enquire about the ST80 jaws exchange program

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