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The manufacturers exhibiting on our stand

Exhibiting manufacturer: Green Boom

Discover the world’s first bio-degradable spill kit from Green Boom. This innovative, plastic-free solution allows you to remediate and recycle your oil waste with organic microbes, as well as eliminate expensive hazardous disposal of oil waste. It has been tested and approved by some of the largest national oil companies in the Middle East.

Exhibiting manufacturer: BOOSTplus

Find out about this 100% organic biofuel additive from BOOSTplus. Enabling you to save money on fuel by 10-15% while reducing harmful emissions by up  to 80%, this revolutionary product is definitely one to learn about for your operations. By increasing combustion to deliver more power with less fuel, you are left with a cleaner, more efficient engine. It has been widely tested and adopted across a range of industries, and is currently available in the UAE.

Exhibiting manufacturer: Keystone Energy Tools

Discover solutions from Keystone Energy Tools – an established manufacturer of high quality oilfield tools including drill pipe float valves, baffle plates, valve pullers, rotating mouseholes, elevators, slips, stabbing guides, and so much more. Keystone has over 50 years’ combined experience in designing, manufacturing and delivering these specialised products.

Exhibiting manufacturer: Performance Pulsation Control

Discover the range of innovative equipment from our partner manufacturer Performance Pulsation Control (PPC). PPC is the leading manufacturer of pulsation control equipment, boasting more than 45 combined years’ experience in welding and fabrication and more than 30 years of rubber, gas-charged cartridge design and manufacturing experience.